The premier talent agency for freelance directors, director/cameramen and DP’s.

As a talent agency, TDN is the perfect marriage of freelance Directors, Director/DPs and Cinematographers with commercial, promo, long form television, feature film production companies and internet content providers.

TDN handles their talent’s scheduling, deal making, and sample reel tracking.

TDN consults with reps and producers so the links that are sent to a production company are appropriate. Based on their knowledge of the upcoming job and their experience with the advertising agency, the production company submits a targeted reel or link.

Once the agency asks the production company for a bid, TDN puts the Director directly in touch with the production company. From that point on the Director is handled just like any staff Production Company Director, with the exception of coordinating the Directors schedule and deal making behind the scenes with TDN.

TDN’s protocol is to continually evolve and suit the needs of the ever changing industry.