The HIPPA-Compliant, Remote Patient Treatment Platform.

The Manage Addiction Lifeline Features:

  • 12-week programs of tried and tested Curriculum and Empowerment Tools specifically designed and developed to treat addiction.
  • An interactive “Life Map” Journal, for daily patient entries.
  • Health Trackers for patients to enter daily with customized progress charts.
  • Study Guides and Quizzes for each weekly Unit to assure programmed learning.
  • A Multimedia Library with over 100 articles and videos to educate and inspire.
  • On-demand scheduling of weekly remote Doctor/Patient Video Conferences and In-Office Visits, with alerts and reminders.
  • On-demand scheduling of weekly remote Fellowship Video Conferences, with alerts and reminders.
  • An interactive back end EMR for the Doctor to assess, advise, and provide guidance and directives to patient on a routine basis.

This proprietary, interactive platform is uniquely designed to bring together counseling and technology services to connect patients and their families with high-level addiction professionals. It’s a 24/7 solution to addiction treatment that is private, HIPPA-compliant and supported by state-of-the-art technology, including an interactive EMR.