Being a small innovative company ourself, we love Startups for their passion and drive towards building innovative products to solve real world problems.
We have a team with a long history of working and providing startup IT services as tech partners with several tech startups.  We transition an idea through funding to a successful product with our unique agile delivery approach, tech talent and product/software development.   We have launched successful products for startups and have done software development for established companies!

Empowering Companies at Every Stage!

Seed Stage

Have an idea on a napkin? We as a startup development outsourcing company helps you define and develop a plan to get an MVP out the market in no time.

  • Discovery
  • Validation
  • MVP
  • Go Live
Expansion Stage

We offer a full range of product lifecycle services to partners in emerging technology segments.    The focus is not just MVP but helping our partners finding a solution that is scalable and structuring everything in the context for the long term.

  • Team Ramp up
  • Optimization
  • Architectural Enhancement
  • Usability
  • Security Improvement
  • Analytics

Will take your product through growth hacking to drive rapid and sustainable growth using data to improve customer engagement. Taking advantage of new technology to survive competitive environments.

  • Intelligence
  • DevOps
  • Test Automation
  • Re-engineering

Our Process

Test Driven Development

We strive on quality over quantity. Using tests to drive our development has shown time and time again dependable code & error free applications with every release.

Specialized Team

Our team members have specialized skills that will be put to task on your product to build a solution using the agile methodology.

Agile Project Management

Using agile methodology we are able break the scope of the project into smaller features that can be built in a quicker time frame allowing for quick feedback.

LEAN Methodology

Work smarter not harder.   The goal is to develop an MVP that showcases core principles through quick iterations and continuous improvements.

Flexible Engagement Modules

Using flexible engagement models we are able to meet different needs of companies. Our core principles are: quick delivery, low cost, quality, and resource flexibility & support.

Continuous Delivery

With every development cycle we release a working product that is tested and filled with features.